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Daisy Bram and her partner Jayme Walsh fell in love and moved to remote Concow, CA (near Oroville, Butte County). They are minimalists who wanted to live a quiet life off the grid. They grew medical marijuana within the bounds of state law and had all valid recommendations posted in their small garden. They have two children, Thor (2) and Zeus (9 mos). Daisy studied midwifery and gave birth to Zeus at home. Both children are happy and healthy. Butte County Interagency Task Force (BINTF) raided their home and arrested both Daisy and Jayme, taking their two sons– then 15 months and three weeks old– into protective custody.
After a five month battle and countless medical tests to try to find some proof that marijuana had endangered the children (they were both healthy) Daisy and Jayme were able to get their sons back. It was found that the county tried to adopt them out and that forfeiture and federal grants financially motivated the county’s attack. Charges were dropped during a preliminary hearing but Daisy now faces child abuse charges for having THC in her breast milk, she has a legal prescription for marinol, which is chemically identical to marijuana and deemed safe by the FDA and federal government.


Your donations will help set precedent in California and send a message to Butte County that kidnapping children for financial gain is not an acceptable use of your tax dollars.


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Pick up the July 2012 issue of SKUNK Magazine featuring a detailed investigation into Butte County’s financial incentives in this case as reported by Green Aid Media Director, Angela Bacca.

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