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Eddy Lepp is a Rastafarian Minister and Vietnam War Veteran currently serving a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence in Lompoc Federal Penitentiary, in Southern California. Lepp had a large-scale farm in Lake County, California where he grew medical marijuana for hundreds of patients in Northern California. Eddy’s Medicinal Garden’s provided relief from chemotherapy, among other conditions,  in many Californians and was operated under the guidelines in Prop 215 and SB 420. All local officials were notified.Lepp provided medicine at cost or free of charge to anyone in need and used any proceeds from medicine sales to support local organizations, provide food and shelter for whomever needed it, charities, and a church in Lake County.

The DEA raided Eddy’s Medicinal Gardens in 2004 and Eddy was sentenced to ten-years, what could be a life sentence for a man in his late 60s.

Please help fund Eddy Lepp’s appeal and send him home! www.FreeEddyLepp.com


“Locking up Eddy Lepp serves no purpose and is a huge waste of life and scarce prison space,” said Aaron Smith, California policy director of the Marijuana Policy Project. “The community would be a lot better served if we taxed and regulated California’s $14 billion marijuana industry rather than continuing to incarcerate non-violent people like Eddy, who are clearly of no danger to society.”

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Live in California? Court support is essential in winning Eddy’s appeal. Please email Angela Bacca angela@green-aid.com, she will put you in touch with organizational efforts for court support.

Write Eddy a Letter in Prison. Please write Eddy to send him words of encouragement. Prison is a difficult and isolating experience.


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Tell Governor Jerry Brown and President Obama how you feel about the use of tax-payer funds to persecute a non-violent cannabis provider. Encourage your friends to do the same. Letters can be brief and to the point. Remember to keep all communications polite and respectful.

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