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LADYBUD: Medical Marijuana Activism & Parenting: Risky Business

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HOTO Courtesy of Idaho Three on Facebook: Medical Marijuana Activist Mother and Patient Lindsey Rinehart of Compassionate Idaho one week after her children were kidnapped by the state

by Diane Fornbacher, Publisher of Ladybud Magazine

Being a mom is hard enough. Being an activist mom is even more difficult. Combine parenting with drug policy reform activism while being a cannabis-medicating patient and you’ve got one long, difficult road ahead of you with the likely possibility of child protective services making a visit to your home to take your children at any given time.

As activist parents, we have a lot of difficult scenarios to consider.  In drug policy reform specific to cannabis, some advocate-patients choose to give up their oftentimes illegal and healthier alternative cannabis medicine because if child protective services comes with the police to search the home due to an elevated and visual political presence, they will not find it in the home. The problem is if you are in fact a patient who requires medication to treat say, multiple sclerosis or neuropathic pain, you do not have alternatives that are as healthy or as kind to the body and mind as cannabis. For example, Interferon (marketed as Avonex), taken by many MS sufferers and administered via painful intramuscular injections once a week, can cause lethargy, nausea and some patients have reported being “practically useless for two days, sleeping about 12-15 hours at a stretch”. If one has children, that is not an ideal but unfortunately legal option. Combined with opiate pain medications like morphine and you’re entering a whole other world of addictions, also known as absentee-yet-present-but-a-shell-of-a-human-existence scenarios that toxify the liver and other organs. […Read More]

Apr 30, 2013

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