Green Aid was born in 2002 out of the passion and commitment of its founding Board of Directors and other key leadership from inside the medical marijuana movement, both in Northern California and beyond. The Board of Directors of GREEN AID: MEDICAL MARIJUANA LEGAL DEFENSE & EDUCATION FUND, INC. invites comments and participation from the public as the work of GREEN AID unfolds.

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The Board of Directors


Jeff W. Jones, President Mr. Jones has provided expertise in the medical cannabis field to Californians for over sixteen years. He co-founded the Oakland Cannabis Buyers’ Cooperative in 1995; and was named defendant in the OCBC Federal Civil case, one of the longest-running medical cannabis cases in history.  Jeff also serves on the Board of the Medical Cannabis Association (MCA).  His active involvement with the Patient ID Center (formerly OCBC) has brought him into contact with thousands of medical cannabis patients, professionals and experts.  Jeff also helped establish Alameda County Patient Services, which provides patients and caregivers official State of California Medical Marijuana ID cards in Alameda County, California.  With Jeff’s assistance, the City of Oakland became the first the U.S. City to contract with medical cannabis providers in 1998, and implemented a program to issue compassionate provider permits in June of 2004.

Jeff was also co-proponent of the Prop 19 Tax and Regulate Cannabis Act of 2010.  Jeff  has joined a new coalition to offer a ballot proposal in 2012 to regulate cannabis.

Ed Rosenthal, Executive Director
Ed Rosenthal is a lifetime marijuana activist, author, expert witness, and

cultivation guru. Green Aid was formed to support his trial in 2003. Rosenthal started his activist career with the Yippies, which gave him a unique perspective regarding the citizen-government relationship. He was involved with the creation of High Times Magazine in 1972. His books on cultivation were part of a plan for DIY civilian activism. He was a primary mover in the passage of Proposition 215in 1996. Since then he has promoted the rights of marijuana users and growers through writing, speeches, seminars and direct activism.

Mike Whitty, PhD
A longtime drug policy reform activist, Dr. Whitty is a professor of Management and Labor Relations in the College of Business Administration at the University of Detroit, Mercy, where he has taught since 1967. His academic work deals with social issues in business, global business values and spirituality in the workplace. He has published in the Labor Law Journal, The Competitiveness Review, Multinational Business Review and The Journal of Change Management.

Mary Pat Jacobs
Ms. Jacobs is the Founder, Director, and President of the Sonoma Alliance for Medical Marijuana (SAMM). She is both a patient and political activist. Notably, SAMM negotiated the most progressive cultivation policy that has been adopted by a California county for use by medical marijuana patients. SAMM has also been very effective in local electoral politics providing key resources and templates for organizing to the region and beyond.


Green Aid Staff

Angela Bacca, Media Director
Angela has been with Green Aid since 2008 and operates as the primary publicist and contact for current cases. Angela has a BA in Journalism from San Francisco State University and a Master’s in Business Administration from the Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business at Mills College. Angela Bacca is the Managing Editor at

Kristine Borghino, Accountant & Fund Director
Kristine has been with Green Aid since 2002 and operates as the fund director, accounting, and coordinator of events and fundraising.

Jane Klein, Consultant
Jane has been with Green Aid since 2002 as a supporter and strategist.

Key Green Aid Lawyers

Joe Rogoway, Green Aid Official Counsel
Santa Rosa, CA

Allison MargolinBruce Margolin
Los Angeles, California

Bob Eye
Topeka, Kansas

Lee Berger
Portland, Oregon

Mike Clough
Oakland, CA

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