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Daisy Bram in Need of Legal Defense Funds




Daisy Bram has just had her children taken away for a second time by Tehama County (near Butte County,where the children were taken from her the first time). Since the removal of her two sons Thor (2) and Zeus (1) , she has given birth to another son, Invictus, who is just four months old.

She is devastated by the loss and fully cooperating with Child Protective Services in an effort to have the children placed back in her custody. Her lawyers are working hard in conjunction with the NORML Women’s Alliance .

Green Aid has a larger goal of reforming California Child Protective Services policies to fall in line with its policy of medical marijuana. Please help us raise money to cover expenses for the incredible attorneys working to make these changes, specifically Michael Levinsohn.


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Feb 2, 2013

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